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LISTEN: Gravel Kings, ‘When You’re Gone’

Aug 1, 2016

LISTEN: Gravel Kings, 'When You're Gone'

Artist: Gravel Kings
Hometown: Fort Pierce, FL
Song: "When You're Gone"
Album: Lure
Release Date: September 9

In Their Words: "This song was one that James Wisner really pushed us hard on. He wanted us to let out all our emotions, and we wanted to, as well. The song is about our friends who got in a car accident during the recording of our last album. They were local musicians we were very close to.

The first verse is about Bryan Jackson who didn't make it out alive, and the second verse is about Karsten Andersen who almost suffered the same fate. The chorus ties it together. With so much denial, anger, and sadness, writing this thing was very 'back and forth' and it actually took a few years to find the right lyrics. I think this is the one track on the EP that brought us closer together as a band." — Zack Jones

Photo credit: Lance Camp

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LISTEN: Gravel Kings, 'When You're Gone'
LISTEN: Gravel Kings, 'When You're Gone'