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LISTEN: Guy Forsyth & Jeska Bailey, “Things That Matter”

Jul 11, 2019

LISTEN: Guy Forsyth & Jeska Bailey,

Artist: Guy Forsyth & Jeska Bailey
Hometown: Austin, Texas
Song: “Things That Matter”
Album: Conspirators
Release Date: July 26, 2019
Label: Small & Nimble Records

In Their Words: “I lived a lot of different places while I was growing up. My dad worked for the airlines while I was young and we moved around a lot. Rich or poor, lucky or unfortunate, people are the same everywhere. It has never made sense to me that some have and some don’t. I wrote “Things That Matter” after my daughter was born. She has taught me a bunch, but this more than anything: We are all we have. People are at their best when they are sharing the thing they love. In the poorest places happiness is still possible in the connection of two souls.” — Guy Forsyth

Photo credit: Josh Baker

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LISTEN: Guy Forsyth & Jeska Bailey,
LISTEN: Guy Forsyth & Jeska Bailey,
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