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LISTEN: Gwyneth Moreland, ‘The California Zephyr’

Feb 9, 2017

LISTEN: Gwyneth Moreland, 'The California Zephyr'

Artist: Gwyneth Moreland
Hometown: Mendocino, CA
Song: “The California Zephyr”
Album: Cider
Release Date: April 21, 2017
Label: Blue Rose Music

In Their Words: “In 2008, I booked a 3,000-mile trip by bus and train from my hometown of Mendocino, California, through the Southwest. With a heavy heart, I began a journey of long rides on the Pacific Surfliner and Southwest Chief, with a return ride from Denver on the famous train, the California Zephyr. During this time, I began to realize that my relationship with my then-boyfriend/bandmate was dissolving. So, yeah: I was heartbroken, torn up, and in desperate need of an adventure.

So, when inspiration from the Carter Family’s “The Cannon Ball Blues” struck while aboard the California Zephyr, I went with it. What came out was not a biographical song, but one that was definitely shaped by the way my heart was feeling and all the tunes floating through my head on that 54-hour ride from Denver. A friend nailed it when he said, ‘You are singing about leaving behind your honey babe, but you’ve got a huge smile on your face!’ And yes, it’s true — I do … now. All those years of searching have led me here to this moment. The train keeps rolling.” — Gwyneth Moreland

Photo credit: Jay Blakesberg

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LISTEN: Gwyneth Moreland, 'The California Zephyr'