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LISTEN: Hayley Sabella, ‘Father’s Clothes’

Mar 21, 2018

LISTEN: Hayley Sabella, 'Father's Clothes'

Artist: Hayley Sabella
Hometown: Boston, MA
Song: “Father’s Clothes”
Album: Forgive the Birds
Release Date: April 27, 2018

In Their Words: “’Father’s Clothes’ speaks with the voice of a concerned friend. The lyrics attempt to bargain with a loved one, persuading them to share their burdens and accept some well-meaning advice. Many of us have been in that position, where we want to swoop in and guide another’s path away from a risky or dangerous situation. However maddening it may be, it is always disheartening to realize that good intentions are not good enough — we cannot force anyone to change.” — Hayley Sabella

Photo credit: Sasha Pedro

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LISTEN: Hayley Sabella, 'Father's Clothes'