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LISTEN: Justin Rutledge, “Easy”

Feb 23, 2023

LISTEN: Justin Rutledge,

Artist: Justin Rutledge
Hometown: Toronto, Ontario
Song: “Easy”
Album: Something Easy
Release Date: May 19, 2023
Label: Outside Music

In Their Words: “I’ve always had a strange relationship with songwriting. My songs always start out like leaves in a tree — I rarely notice them until the right light hits. Sometimes it’s as if a melody falls in front of me and I pick it up. Writing ‘Easy’ was like that. ‘Easy’ was the final song I wrote for the album, and I guess you could call it the title track. The melody arrived after I got the kids to bed, happily exhausted. Most songs are trouble, they really do a number on me, but this one was kind. Songs rarely arrive this gently, although I wish they did. Mostly they just wait there, high above my head where I can’t touch them, waiting for the light to hit.” — Justin Rutledge

Photo Credit: Jen Squires

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LISTEN: Justin Rutledge,
LISTEN: Justin Rutledge,