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LISTEN: Heather Anne Lomax, “Be the One”

Oct 18, 2023

LISTEN: Heather Anne Lomax,

Artist: Heather Anne Lomax
Hometown: Los Angeles, California (via Kansas City, Missouri)
Song: β€œBe the One”
Album: The Doman Tracks
Release Date: November 3, 2023
Label: Blackbird Record Label

In Their Words: “‘Be the One’ is just a hopeful song about spending the rest of your life with a soulmate. Sometimes that happens for the lucky ones and sometimes not, I suppose. It was written at a time when I had thought a previous relationship was blossoming again in my life. This person and I had dreamed about growing older and sitting on a porch swing together, reminiscing about days past as the sun was setting. Michael [Doman, producer] wanted to make sure this had real movement and buoyancy and added the pounding of the bass drum throughout the song – I believe Jason Hiller did this with a handheld mallet. The three of us, Michael Doman, Jeff Sebens and I, laid down the song’s foundation of jangly guitars that kept the track afloat down a river of momentary joy.” – Heather Anne Lomax

Track Credits: Written by Heather Anne Lomax

Vocals – Heather Lomax
Guitars – Heather Lomax, Michael Doman, Jeff Sebens
Bass/ Kick Drums – Jason Hiller
Backing vocals – Michael Doman

Produced by Michael Doman.
Recorded at Electrosound Studios.
Jason Hiller – Engineer, mixing
Mastered at Pen Station Studios by Peter Barker.

Photo Credit: Shots By Morrison

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LISTEN: Heather Anne Lomax,
LISTEN: Heather Anne Lomax,