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LISTEN: Inara George, ‘Release Me’

Nov 16, 2017

LISTEN: Inara George, 'Release Me'

Artist: Inara George
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Song: “Release Me”
Album: Dearest Everybody
Release Date: January 19, 2018
Label: Release Me Records

In Their Words: “I wrote this song as a gift to my mother on her 70th birthday. I’d assumed that the song was too personal to put on my record. It’s a sort of love song to my father from my mother. But when I played it for my producer, Mike Andrews, he said we definitely had to record it. I’m very happy we did. I’m not sure I’ve ever shared such a personal song with the world. There’s something very liberating about it.” — Inara George

Photo credit: Alexa Nikol Curran

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LISTEN: Inara George, 'Release Me'