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WATCH: Zach & Maggie Are Lonely in Their “Double Grave”

Oct 31, 2019

WATCH: Zach & Maggie Are Lonely in Their

Maybe you have noticed that some holidays just get more musical love than others. Halloween parties are subjected to the same playlist every year: “Monster Mash,” some ominous organ music, “Thriller,” and then an encore of “Monster Mash.” This year, BGS wants to help broaden the musical palette for the spookiest holiday of the year, at least in some small way. 

Nashville-based Americana duo Zach & Maggie’s newest single “Double Grave” is charmingly unnerving, telling the story of a man who waits on his widow to join him in their final resting place. Sweet? Maybe. Spooky? Definitely. The accompanying music video does little to ease the angst of the tune, but it does foster a sense of pity for the widower, even though he ultimately wishes for his partner’s demise.

The pair takes an irreverent approach to a bleak topic, creating a great addition to the stark library of “Halloween music.” Speaking of the new release, singer and guitarist Zach says, “I find it humorous to think about the petty annoyances of everyday life overshadowing something so serious as death. What sort of neurotic behavior would we come up with if death was just an inconvenience?” Just in time for All Hallows, watch the music video for “Double Grave” here.

Photo credit: Electric Peak Creative

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WATCH: Zach & Maggie Are Lonely in Their
WATCH: Zach & Maggie Are Lonely in Their