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LISTEN: Jack Klatt, ‘Anywhere I Go’

Apr 14, 2016

LISTEN: Jack Klatt, 'Anywhere I Go'

Artist: Jack Klatt
Hometown: Minneapolis, MN
Song: "Anywhere I Go"
Album: Shadows in the Sunset
Release Date: April 29
Label: Different Folk Records

In Their Words: "I wrote this song a while back for an old man I saw walking around the streets of Bozeman, Montana. I never met him. We only crossed paths for one moment, but he had a story in the way he walked that stuck with me. I got to wondering about that old man and how he carried his guitar case. He had the enlightened, wild look of a hobo king like Iowa Blackie or Utah Phillips. I wrote a song for him and, in return, he helped me realize that the only way a person can really get the best out of living is being alright with the dying part." — Jack Klatt

Photo credit: Joel Patterson

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LISTEN: Jack Klatt, 'Anywhere I Go'