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LISTEN: Jayme Stone, “Wreckage of the Fall”

Nov 8, 2023

LISTEN: Jayme Stone,

Artist: Jayme Stone
Hometown: Longmont, Colorado
Song: “Wreckage of the Fall”
Release Date: November 10, 2023

In Their Words: “‘Wreckage of the Fall’ is a fever dream about transformation, mystical experience and emotional healing. I wrote it during a weeklong retreat at the Banff Center of the Arts. It emerged alongside a lot of tears, wild dreams, old wounds and a brief experience of clairvoyance. For a few days, I could see voices coming out my phone. I could feel the exact distance between me and other people in faraway cities like some kind of telepathic Google Earth. The song is full of witchy magic β€” runes, talismans, pentacles, and crystals. They started appearing and I just followed them.

“‘Wreckage’ is the first in a song cycle I’m currently calling ‘Anima,’ one the archetypes in Carl Jung’s map of the collective unconscious. I spent three years producing it β€” the longest I’ve ever worked on a track. There are many layers of guitar, my trusty Juno 106 from the late ’80s, an OB-6 synth and a lot of backup vocals care of Daniela Gesundheit. I programmed the drums in Abelton and then had John Hadfield play a real kit, which I then blended with the programming. The song feels like an MRI of my emotional state at the time. It’s some kind of magic to have a sonic postcard I can share now.” – Jayme Stone

Track Credits: Written by Jayme Stone.

Recorded and produced by Jayme Stone.
Mixed and mastered by David Travers-Smith.

Jayme Stone – voice, guitar, synth, drum programming
Emanuel Alexander – guitar, bass
Daniela Gesundheit – voice
John Hadfield – drums
Greg Harris – synth

Photo Credit: Shervin Lainez

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LISTEN: Jayme Stone,
LISTEN: Jayme Stone,