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LISTEN: Jessi Williams and Coyote, “Bloodhound”

Jul 2, 2018

LISTEN: Jessi Williams and Coyote,

Artist: Jessi Williams and Coyote
Hometown: Batesville, Indiana
Song: “Bloodhound”
Album: Jessi Williams and Coyote
Release Date: August 24, 2018

In Their Words: “This song was born from a few obsessions of mine — ghosts, shape-shifters and the animal/spiritual duality of human beings. ‘Bloodhound’ is about a man who believes a woman stole his soul and left him empty when she left him. He goes out, as part man/part bloodhound to find her and get it back. In reality, she took nothing, but left a part of her with him to haunt him forever… Your typical break up stuff!” – Jessi Williams

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LISTEN: Jessi Williams and Coyote,