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LISTEN: Josienne Clarke, “Workhorse”

Apr 17, 2023

LISTEN: Josienne Clarke,

Artist: Josienne Clarke
Hometown: Isle of Bute, Scotland
Song: “Workhorse”
Album: Onliness (songs of solitude & singularity)
Release Date: April 14, 2023
Label: Corduroy Punk Records

In Their Words: “‘Workhorse’ is essentially a song about self-care in an industry that doesn’t always have a great provision for it. I’d made a lot of changes in my career over the last five years, restructuring to better protect my mental health and my finances. The song is an instruction, reminder and documentation of the journey and those intentions. A lesson I’ve learned in my time being an artist is that people take advantage of us, ultimately, because we let them. We are not responsible for other people’s actions, but I am responsible for what I choose to tolerate and I can learn to take better care of myself. You have a responsibility to love yourself and you can’t love anyone else properly if you don’t. It wasn’t meant to be preachy or sombre so I set it to an upbeat little tune, just my own catchy little mantra as an audio reminder to be good to myself.” — Josienne Clarke

Photo Credit: Alec Bowman_Clarke

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LISTEN: Josienne Clarke,
LISTEN: Josienne Clarke,