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LISTEN: Joyann Parker, “What Did You Expect”

Feb 8, 2021

LISTEN: Joyann Parker,

Artist: Joyann Parker
Hometown: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Song: “What Did You Expect”
Album: Out of the Dark
Release Date: Feb 12, 2021
Label: Hopeless Romantics Records

In Their Words: “This song is a cheeky response to an experience that my musical partner, Mark Lamoine, relayed to me once about his daughter, who was then around 9 years old. The story goes something like this: Mark’s daughter was invited to play soccer with some boys in the neighborhood. When she went out to the park to play, they then decided against playing with her, saying they ‘didn’t want to play with a GIRL.’ She ran into the house, crying and very upset, of course. Her mother, seeing her in distress, asked what happened and when she found out, got down on one knee in front of her daughter and said something to the effect of, ‘Get used to it, Honey, men lie.’ This was great inspiration for a song for me, so I took it, twisted it so the female narrator was the villain in a relationship and being dishonest with her partner about her intentions, saying, ‘Well, what did you expect?'” — Joyann Parker

Photo credit: Jeannine Marie Photography

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LISTEN: Joyann Parker,
LISTEN: Joyann Parker,