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LISTEN: Justin Golden, “Ain’t Just Luck”

Feb 9, 2022

LISTEN: Justin Golden,

Artist: Justin Golden
Hometown: Richmond, Virginia
Song: “Ain’t Just Luck”
Album: Hard Times and a Woman
Release Date: April 15, 2022

In Their Words: “The main phrase of this track is something I started saying to myself years ago as sort of a mantra to push through the hard times. Every time I felt like I was taking a step forward something knocked me back two, but ‘it ain’t just luck’ that I made it this far. This track is basically my letter to myself acknowledging that I’m in some rough water, but I’m building towards something that will be worthwhile and that I wouldn’t let ‘the man’ or my feelings of impostor syndrome derail me. The line ‘I sold my soul for a slice of the life / Now I’m comin’ back round for another piece of the pie/ Feels like the devil’s the only on my side’ is one of my favorites on the record. I did everything I could in order to make it this far, maybe even make a deal with the devil.” — Justin Golden

Photo Credit: Joey Wharton

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LISTEN: Justin Golden,