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LISTEN: Lauren Anderson, “I Know”

Sep 6, 2022

LISTEN: Lauren Anderson,

Artist: Lauren Anderson
Hometown: Chicago, Illinois
Song: “I Know”
Album: Burn It All Down
Release Date: September 9, 2022
Label: LA Records

In Their Words: “‘I Know’ is my love song to the stranger that is my future husband. I put into this song all of my hopes and dreams I have for this man. I hope we have 2 dogs that we adore. That he knows what to say when I’m upset and I know what to remind him to bring on trips. That we know how to work through tough times together. I don’t know this man yet, but I wanted to write a song to gift him for when I do. ‘I know…but I don’t know you yet.’

“I first wrote the song and made a quick recording on my phone. I sent it and a chord chart to my band and we worked out all the kinks musically. Meanwhile I rewrote and edited the lyrics about a dozen times right up until we went into the studio. Then we knocked it out, added some harmonies, and it’s done! It sounds like a quick process, but it’s actually a lot of work. I record a work tape when I run through it with the band before going into the studio. And so until I get to the studio, I’m constantly listening and reworking parts of the song until it fits. Sometimes I think songs ‘talk’ to you and tell you the direction they want to go in and when the song is done. Sometimes it’s clear and other songs make you work for it. This one definitely required several revisions until it was happy, haha. Hope my future husband likes it, haha! 😊” — Lauren Anderson

Photo Credit: Mitzy Rose

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LISTEN: Lauren Anderson,
LISTEN: Lauren Anderson,