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LISTEN: Matt the Electrician, ‘The Bear’

Sep 23, 2015

LISTEN: Matt the Electrician, 'The Bear'

Artist: Matt the Electrician
Hometown: Austin, TX
Song: "The Bear"
Album: 7" series
Release Date: October 23

In Their Words: "An old family friend wrote to me about my sister's vineyard in Oregon, which is quite picturesque, and in describing it from a remembrance of my sister's wedding day, she said, 'I imagine that must be what heaven is like.' Those words really stuck in my head, and became the foundation for the song, which I think is about growing old, feeling disconnected, and maybe being so separate from the people around you that you almost feel like a different species altogether." — Matt the Electrician

Instructions: Ramble along with this one and you might just wind up in your happy place.

Photo credit: Katherine O'Brien

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LISTEN: Matt the Electrician, 'The Bear'