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LISTEN: Michael Rank and Stag, ‘Husk’

Aug 20, 2015

LISTEN: Michael Rank and Stag, 'Husk'

Artist: Michael Rank and Stag
Hometown: Chatham County, NC
Song: “Husk”
Album: Horsehair
Release Date: September 22

In Their Words: "'Husk' was one of the very first songs I wrote for this new album. I heard the verses in my head almost like Cat Stevens doing soft country-rock. And then Heather [McEntire from Mount Moriah] just owns the choruses. With the mandolin, fiddle, and pedal steel all weaving around each other, I just didn't want the outro to ever end." — Michael Rank

Instructions: Build yourself a campfire for this one … preferably in a mountainous region.

Photo by Andy Tennille

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LISTEN: Michael Rank and Stag, 'Husk'