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LISTEN: Mouths of Babes, ‘Brighter in the Dark’

Dec 5, 2016

LISTEN: Mouths of Babes, 'Brighter in the Dark'

Artist: Mouths of Babes
Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Song: "Brighter in the Dark"
Album: Brighter in the Dark
Release Date: Januray 27, 2017
In Their Words: "I wrote this song about my friend Heather. I got to know Heather because she often volunteered to sell CDs at Girlyman (my last band) shows. She was very shy and very sweet, an amazing poet, a violin player, and an artist with a huge heart. And she struggled for years and years with chronic lyme disease. Over the years, it broke her down physically and psychologically. Eventually, she sold her violin to pay for medical bills. And then, one day, I heard through a friend that she’d taken her own life. I was devastated and, like so many who lose others to suicide, I wished I had done more or said something that could have helped. So I wrote this song directly to her. It was my way of acknowledging all of what she had faced — her pain and struggle, her bright light, and her lack of options — and wishing something better for her." — Tylan Greenstein

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LISTEN: Mouths of Babes, 'Brighter in the Dark'
LISTEN: Mouths of Babes, 'Brighter in the Dark'