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LISTEN: Nathan Evans Fox, “Cigarettes and Moon Pies”

Feb 6, 2020

LISTEN: Nathan Evans Fox,

Artist: Nathan Evans Fox
Hometown: Glen Alpine, North Carolina
Song: “Cigarettes and Moon Pies”
Album: Kindness
Release Date: February 20, 2020

In Their Words: “I wanted to write a love song that’s equal parts cultural idiosyncrasy, self-reflection, and just kinda manic. Some of my favorite places in the world are small, local gas stations in the Carolinas. They’re such an interesting cultural intersection; there’s goods from local growers alongside industrially manufactured, shrink-wrapped foods, and old relics of legendary NASCAR racers next to brand new vinyl banners promoting strange, cheap beer spin-offs. You’re left with a big cultural mish-mash that’s really complex and rich, and I think there’s something really romantic about these small drive-by spots. They’re a true reflection of all the strangeness and complexity of growing up in a place like North Carolina. They just seem like a good place to fall in love.” — Nathan Evans Fox

Photo credit: Zach Wolfe

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LISTEN: Nathan Evans Fox,
LISTEN: Nathan Evans Fox,