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LISTEN: Pauline Andres, ‘No Tienes Corazón’

Mar 21, 2016

LISTEN: Pauline Andres, 'No Tienes Corazón'

Artist: Pauline Andres
Hometown: Berlin, Germany
Song: “No Tienes Corazón”
Album: The Heart Breaks
Release Date: April 15
Label: Old Souls Records

In Their Words: “It started with the title because this song is inspired by and a tribute to Norteño music I feed off on warm summer nights. It's also an 'anti-murder ballad' where the narrator reaches a point that is way beyond sadness or anger. And, in a way, that emotional freeze works like salvation for him. The sweet and sour taste of ‘No Tienes Corazón’ — one of the first songs recorded for this album — really defines the tone of the whole record: It's all soft contrasts and good things gone bad.” — Pauline Andres

Photo credit: Ceven Knowles

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LISTEN: Pauline Andres, 'No Tienes Corazón'