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LISTEN: Peter Rowan, ‘Carter Stanley’s Eyes’

Mar 14, 2018

LISTEN: Peter Rowan, 'Carter Stanley’s Eyes'

Artist: Peter Rowan
Hometown: Boston / Northern California
Song: “Carter Stanley’s Eyes”
Album: Carter Stanley’s Eyes
Release Date: April 20, 2018
Label: Rebel Records

In Their Words: “We were playing over on the Tennessee-Virginia border, and Bill Monroe asked me to drive him up to the Clinch Mountains to have a meeting with Carter Stanley. I think, now, that Carter had received bad news about his health, and Bill wanted to lend his support. We drove up there, and I knew nothing as far as Carter’s health, but he didn’t look well. It was emotional, and I made it a song, after all.” –Peter Rowan

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LISTEN: Peter Rowan, 'Carter Stanley’s Eyes'