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LISTEN: Possessed by Paul James, “When It Breaks”

Jan 14, 2020

Possess by Paul James (Konrad Wert) playing fiddle in black and white

Artist: Possessed By Paul James
Hometown: Kendall County, Texas
Song: “When It Breaks”
Album: As We Go Wandering
Release Date: January 31, 2020

In Their Words: “When the world comes crashing down around us what will we do? I ask this question when thinking of my children. How will I react when tragedy strikes? I think of this as a teacher, when the systems in place simply are not adequate in meeting the level of need on a day to day basis. Will I quit and move on from the classroom or persevere? The blending of harmonies and the soulful fiddle song take my mind to a place of wonder.

“It’s fitting that this track happens to share the same name of the documentary produced by Milk Products Media of Chicago. In 2015 we took a journey for a full year advocating for the rights of students and families receiving special education services. I was personally at a loss when trying to understand why we simply weren’t doing more regarding resources and supports within the classroom.

“Thus, we loaded up the RV, the two kids, the dog, spouse, supplies, instruments and hit the road for a full year touring and advocating for special ed reform. The children were ‘roam’ schooled, the meetings were plentiful, the message was heard, and the songs were song. Ultimately we chose to return to the classroom at the end of the year while still balancing music performance, yet the ongoing question continues, ‘What are you going to do when it breaks?'” — Konrad Wert, Possessed by Paul James

Photo credit: George Blosser

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LISTEN: Possessed by Paul James,
LISTEN: Possessed by Paul James,