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LISTEN: Pretty Little Goat, “30 Mile Run”

Feb 1, 2022

LISTEN: Pretty Little Goat,

Artist: Pretty Little Goat
Hometown: Western North Carolina
Song: “30 Mile Run”
Album: Big Storm
Release Date: Single: February 4, 2022; Album: March 25, 2022

In Their Words: “The lyrics to ‘30 Mile Run’ are inspired by various stories I heard growing up about a real legendary mountaineer and moonshiner named Palmo McCall. My dad and I occasionally traveled up the mountain behind our house where Palmo lived. I remember trying his whiskey once; some people even said he would burn the stuff in his truck. He had a kind soul and a good heart, but had a habit of getting in trouble with the law. Palmo is gone, but his legend lives on. I just wanted to do my part in keeping his ‘mountain man’ character alive in a fun way by writing this song and recording it with the band.” — Josh Carter, Pretty Little Goat

Photo Credit: Leahy Brevard

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LISTEN: Pretty Little Goat,