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LISTEN: Red Moon Road, ‘Beauty in These Broken Bones’

Nov 9, 2015

LISTEN: Red Moon Road, 'Beauty in These Broken Bones'

Artist: Red Moon Road
Hometown: Winnipeg, MB
Song: “Beauty in These Broken Bones"
Album: Sorrows and Glories
Release Date: November 12

In Their Words: "About two-and-a-half years ago, I broke my leg very badly while on tour. Eight days in the hospital, five surgeries, and about two years worth of recovery — the better part of which was spent on crutches — teaches you a lot about yourself, the people around you, and our human ability to heal.

I grew up going to a Pentecostal church where my mom was the music director. There, I learned Bible stories and how to sing gospel music with my heart and soul. 'Beauty in These Broken Bones' is a song born out of brokenness, music, and faith. In the Bible, the Old Testament talks about a pool of water in Jerusalem said to have had healing powers. The sick and the lame would gather around the pool, and the first person to wade in when the Angel of the Lord troubled the waters was healed. I think, at some point, all of us have something in our lives that needs healing, whether it be a physical ailment or a matter of the heart. What my own recovery and mending process has taught me is that the marks or scars we may be left with are what make us unique. There is beauty in our brokenness AND in our ability to heal." — Sheena Rattai

Photo courtesy of Red Moon Road

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LISTEN: Red Moon Road, 'Beauty in These Broken Bones'