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LISTEN: Robby Hecht & Caroline Spence, ‘Over You’

Mar 29, 2018

LISTEN: Robby Hecht & Caroline Spence, 'Over You'

Artist: Robby Hecht & Caroline Spence
Hometown: Nashville, TN
Song: “Over You”
Album: Two People
Release Date: June 8, 2018

In Their Words: “‘Over You’ is the last song Caroline and I wrote before going in to record the album, and I think the comfort level we’ve reached writing together shows in the honesty of the lyrics.” — Robby Hecht

“We talk about blind curves in this song, and I remember chasing the melody of this one blindly, as we wrote it. That can be the gift of co-writing: chasing down an unfamiliar idea and, when you find it, it’s yours. Robby and I write well together because we are both open to that chase.” — Caroline Spence

Photo credit: Ryan Newman

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LISTEN: Robby Hecht & Caroline Spence, 'Over You'