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LISTEN: Robert Vincent, “I Was Hurt Today But I’m Alright Now”

Feb 10, 2020

Robert vincent wearing a black hat with a guitar pick in his mouth

Artist: Robert Vincent
Hometown: Liverpool, England
Song: “I Was Hurt Today But I’m Alright Now”
Album: In This Town You’re Owned
Release Date: February 14, 2020
Label: Thirty Tigers

In Their Words: “We live busier lives, less time for ourselves. Social media has thrown even greater pressures at us, creating lack of personal connection and the loss of self-esteem if we are not rewarded with the right number of likes from our electronic peers. So who knows what anyone is going through in their day? At times we all need help, but still worry more about others’ opinions and forget to help ourselves. ‘I Was Hurt Today But I’m Alright Now’ is a message written from the perspective of someone trapped in their own mind and speaking to that fearful side we all have within us to be stronger, but also easier on ourselves. And to step back into the real world.” — Robert Vincent

Photo credit: Alex Hurst

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LISTEN: Robert Vincent,
LISTEN: Robert Vincent,