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LISTEN: Rose’s Pawn Shop, “Gratitude”

Oct 11, 2022

LISTEN: Rose's Pawn Shop,

Artist: Rose’s Pawn Shop
Hometown: Los Angeles, California
Song: “Gratitude”
Album: Punch-Drunk Life
Release Date: November 4, 2022
Label: KZZ Music

In Their Words: “The song came to me in a solo writing session when I had sat down with my guitar hoping to write something. I started strumming some chords and humming a melody that fit the chords and a feeling started to emerge. That melody slowly morphed into the words ‘my eyes are raining blue, my heart’s a drawer full of IOUs and gratitude.’ And I realized I was writing a song about several people I had lost in my life in the past few years. And how the pain of those losses is often intermingled with a sense of love and gratitude for loved ones who have given us so much you feel they can never be fully repaid, and now they’re gone.” — Paul Givant, Rose’s Pawn Shop

Photo Credit: Scott Chernis

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LISTEN: Rose's Pawn Shop,
LISTEN: Rose's Pawn Shop,