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LISTEN: Rosie Thomas, “Fly Little Crow” (Feat. Iron & Wine)

Oct 24, 2022

LISTEN: Rosie Thomas,

Artist: Rosie Thomas
Hometown: Livonia, Michigan
Song: “Fly Little Crow” (Feat. Iron & Wine)
Album: Lullabies for Parents Volume 2
Release Date: March 2023

In Their Words: “I imagine most parents, like myself, have some constant background anxiety of making sure we can impart any/all wisdom we’ve gathered through our lives — to pass along what we’ve learned, and hope to not miss anything. As it happens, when I think about those things, it’s often the same life lessons that are helpful to remind myself of too as an adult to ease my own worry. Plus, as much as we want to say all the right things the right way (impossible), I have to remember they learn the most from just watching us, so I have to try to exhibit those attributes myself most of all. No pressure!

Volume 2 deals with a lot of those ‘lessons/reminders’ — a lot of the main ideas I want to communicate to my kids: to live wild and free, to be bold and confident in who they are, to be discerning, and not to settle. To treat women with dignity and respect, to stand up for themselves and others. To have empathy, to look out for the overlooked, and let them know they are seen, worthy, and loved. Acknowledging while I may not have all the answers, I will always be there to help them figure it out for themselves. My hope is that wherever they land on the ‘big’ questions of worldview, to always err on the side of love, and treat others how they would want to be treated. Okay, I just got a little angsty again thinking about it all. It’s okay. It’ll be alright ;)” — Rosie Thomas

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LISTEN: Rosie Thomas,
LISTEN: Rosie Thomas,