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LISTEN: Sami Braman, “Weevils in the Grits”

Feb 23, 2023

LISTEN: Sami Braman,

Artist: Sami Braman
Hometown: Nashville, Tennessee (from Seattle, Washington)
Song: “Weevils in the Grits”
Album: Riveter
Release Date: April 7, 2023
Label: Padiddle

In Their Words: “This is the newest tune on the record, composed about a year ago after realizing I had never written a tune in Calico tuning (AEAC#–one of my favorite tunings ever)! The melody flowed out quickly, using a repetitive phrase that lands on the IV chord over and over again to end each part. That repetition and simplicity was satisfying to me, especially while humming it in my head as I walked around my neighborhood later that day. The following weekend, I had breakfast at my friend (and fellow fiddler) Libby Weitnauer’s house and she made some grits that had some specks of mysterious ‘seasoning.’ Upon further investigation, we realized that ‘seasoning’ was in fact little weevils (may they rest in peace) that had grown over time within the unopened box. Some of us ate it anyway, though I was too wimpy and squeamish. But the experience provided a perfect tune name!” — Sami Braman

Photo Credit: Alex Steed

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LISTEN: Sami Braman,
LISTEN: Sami Braman,