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LISTEN: Sara Rachele, ‘Still on My Mind’

Dec 28, 2015

LISTEN: Sara Rachele, 'Still on My Mind'

Artist: Sara Rachele
Hometown: Atlanta/New York
Song: "Still on My Mind"
Album: B-side to “Merry Christmas, Baby”
Release Date: December 28
Label: Angrygal Records

In Their Words: "'Still on my Mind' is a song that wrote itself, really. It was one of those sit down, true story moments where I’m alone, talking to someone who isn’t there. I’ve been lucky in that a lot of my personal relationships are lifers, so to speak, the kind that stay with me — an engrave-on-your-headstone kind of thing. But I genuinely look to those people, the ones who leave us, as a mental memorial of sorts. The points of the day when I’m at rest, at peace, I still carry those people, those memories, like they’re a part of each breath of the second I’m in." — Sara Rachele 

Photo credit: Shervin Lainez

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LISTEN: Sara Rachele, 'Still on My Mind'
LISTEN: Sara Rachele, 'Still on My Mind'
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