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LISTEN: Serabee, “Drunk Woman’s Words”

Oct 12, 2022

LISTEN: Serabee,

Artist: Serabee
Hometown: Kiln, Mississippi
Song: “Drunk Woman’s Words”
Album: Hummingbird Tea
Release Date: October 14, 2022
Label: Rabadash Records

In Their Words:In vino veritas: ‘In wine there is truth.’ Some folks may be turned off by drinking songs, but I feel that young girls need to hear stories I’ve lived and avoid the mistakes I made and stop wasting their youth on relationships that don’t serve them.

“This song tells the classic story of losing reasoning skills stifled when you drink. People tend to tell the truth while intoxicated — the old Latin phrase in vino veritas offering up brutally honest and unfiltered opinions without fear of consequences. I’ve done a lot of emotional work over the last few years, and I’m living proof that if you find your purpose and hold on to your dreams, you can find healing.

“The song has all the right ingredients: the pedal steel guitar whirling around the piano with a big, deep drum sound that shakes your core. This song gets gritty while still giving me that familiar nostalgic sound of my youth when I hear the Hammond organ peeking around into the music. Of course, the guitar solo rocking after the bridge quickly reminds you this isn’t church music, even if it does make you wanna sing along and lift your hands in the air!” — Serabee

Photo Credit: Derek Fountain

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LISTEN: Serabee,
LISTEN: Serabee,