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LISTEN: Shawn Mullins, ‘Go and Fall’

Oct 8, 2015

LISTEN: Shawn Mullins, 'Go and Fall'

Artist: Shawn Mullins
Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Song: “Go and Fall”
Album: My Stupid Heart
Release Date: October 23
Label: Rounder/Sugar Hill

In Their Words: "It's that feeling you have when you're falling for someone and you know it's a really bad idea. There's nothing you can do about it — the heart loves who it chooses. But you know it won't end well. It's an emotional 'rock and a hard place' scenario. I love the melody of the song. For some reason, it reminds me of an old James Bond movie theme." — Shawn Mullins

Instructions: Let this song be a warning … rather than a commiseration.

Photo credit: David McClister

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LISTEN: Shawn Mullins, 'Go and Fall'
LISTEN: Shawn Mullins, 'Go and Fall'
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