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LISTEN: Susan Gibson, “Imaginary Lines”

Sep 30, 2019

LISTEN: Susan Gibson,

Artist: Susan Gibson
Hometown: Wimberley, Texas
Song: “Imaginary Lines”
Album: The Hard Stuff
Release Date: October 4, 2019
Label: ForTheRecords

In Their Words: “This song started with the chorus as simple and repetitive as it is. I think it started when I was driving looking at the double yellow line and how that is just kind of agreement between people. ‘In order that things go smoothly and everyone can get where they’re going, I agree to not cross that line.’ I was thinking of all the examples of those social contracts and sometimes actual contracts that we think are ironclad but maybe they are not. Jana Pochop (one of my favorite writers) and I had a day off in Taos, New Mexico and we finished the song.” — Susan Gibson

Photo credit: Bill Ingram

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LISTEN: Susan Gibson,
LISTEN: Susan Gibson,