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LISTEN: Tami Neilson, ‘Stay Outta My Business’

Mar 22, 2018

LISTEN: Tami Neilson, 'Stay Outta My Business'

Artist: Tami Neilson
Hometown: Auckland, NZ
Song: “Stay Outta My Business”
Release Date: June 1, 2018
Label: Outside Music

In Their Words: “‘Stay Outta My Business’ is something I never would’ve written in the past. It is the musical result of me coming into my full confidence as a woman and realising that I don’t need to take the opinions of others on board. It’s very freeing to just shut all that negativity down in four words! I’ve had numerous people approach me, after performing this song live, saying it is their new anthem. I love that this song is empowering and emboldening others to just say no to engaging with all the bullsh*t!” — Tami Neilson

Photo credit: Ashley Church

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LISTEN: Tami Neilson, 'Stay Outta My Business'