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LISTEN: The Contenders, “You Don’t Care or You Don’t Have the Time”

Mar 27, 2020

LISTEN: The Contenders,

Artist: The Contenders
Hometown: Vermont / Nashville, Tennessee
Song:ย “You Don’t Care or You Don’t Have the Time”
Release Date: April 3, 2020

In Their Words: “Life is often a series of made or missed connections. The thoughts and emotions can be the things that wake you up in the middle of the night and get your mind running. They do for me sometimes, anyway. You could call this song a meditation, or maybe even a rumination on that… playing back in your head what you said or what you didn’t say and facing the less pretty qualities of your own character. It’s probably also worth noting that we love sad songs and we feel that they are often the very best vehicle for harmony singing. Our friend (and 2019 Americana UK instrumentalist of the year) CJ Hillman really drove the point home that we were trying to make musically with his sublime pedal steel.” — Jay Nash, The Contenders

Photo credit: Stacie Huckeba

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LISTEN: The Contenders,
LISTEN: The Contenders,