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LISTEN: The High Divers, ‘Weighing on My Mind’

Feb 21, 2018

LISTEN: The High Divers, 'Weighing on My Mind'

Artist: The High Divers
Hometown: Charleston, SC
Song: “Weighing on My Mind”
Album: Chicora
Release Date: March 2, 2018
Label: True Blue Records

In Their Words: “This song came to me while we were recording at a bungalow-style house in South Carolina nestled right next to a little creek. I wrote it at a time when everyone was saying, posting, and shouting the most divisive things possible about each other and our country’s current affairs. While taking a little boat out on the sound one night around 5 pm, surrounded by the band and some good friends, we watched the moon rise out of the ocean, and it hit me: This is what it’s all about. Being surrounded by people who have your back and reel you in from the darkness is all that really matters.” — Luke Mitchell

Photo credit: Sean Money & Elizabeth Fay

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LISTEN: The High Divers, 'Weighing on My Mind'