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LISTEN: The Rails, “Something Is Slipping My Mind”

Aug 15, 2019

LISTEN: The Rails,

Artist: The Rails
Hometown: London, U.K.
Song: “Something Is Slipping My Mind”
Album: Cancel the Sun
Release Date: August 16, 2019
Label: Thirty Tigers/Psychonaut Sounds

In Their Words: “I think the reason we’ve cited the Kinks as such an important influence on this album is that they were so influenced by rock ‘n’ roll, but they distilled it in a very English way. That’s where that distillation image helps. Like something in a still. It’s a process. They were so confident about their Britishness and whatever they wanted to say even if it was off the wall. But it just made them so distinctively themselves.

“For Cancel the Sun we really wanted to stay home and work on our own schedule. We were quite involved in the last two records, and so for this one we really wanted to be produced so we could just play the music, so it was wonderful to get to work with Stephen [Street as producer] this time around. We tried not to listen to so much music while we were writing, to sort of shut down and not to be quite as as influenced by other sounds ourselves. Thus I think we sound more like ourselves than ever before. Like, ‘Close your ears and just do you.'” — Kami Thompson

Photo credit: Jill Furmanovsky

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LISTEN: The Rails,
LISTEN: The Rails,