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LISTEN: The Vintage Martins, ‘The Unclouded Day’

Apr 5, 2018

LISTEN: The Vintage Martins, 'The Unclouded Day'

Artist: The Vintage Martins
Hometown: Southern California
Song: ” The Unclouded Day”
Album: Traveled
Release Date: May 11, 2018
Label: Eastwood Records

In Their Words: “‘The Unclouded Day’ was written in 1879 by Josiah Alwood and is a hymnal favorite in many churches. It is a song about Heaven, and it has been recorded and admired by many through the years, including Willie Nelson and Bob Dylan. Mr. Alwood wrote beautifully of his inspiration of seeing a midnight rainbow against a dark cloud. After a good night’s sleep, he penned this classic sacred tune.

Eric and I have been doing this song for many years. It has that high bluegrass harmony. Eric’s sons, Austin and Christian Ward, played their hearts out on this one, as Ron Block shows everyone his respect for straightforward Scruggs-style banjo.” — Bud Bierhaus

Photo credit: Rolly Ladd

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LISTEN: The Vintage Martins, 'The Unclouded Day'