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LISTEN: The Young Fables, “Been Here the Whole Time”

Sep 27, 2022

LISTEN: The Young Fables,

Artist: The Young Fables
Hometown: Maryville, Tennessee
Song: “Been Here the Whole Time”
Album: Pages
Release Date: September 30, 2022

In Their Words: “There were three songs that we had written that were non-negotiables for me for inclusion on the record. One was for my sister Lindy, one was for my father Big Ron, and one described my experience with losing them both inside the same year. ‘Been Here the Whole Time’ is a song that has been very important to my healing. It is essentially a collection of thoughts that my father shared with me over the years that I wanted to carve in stone so that I never forget them. What better way than to put them in a song? Now that we perform the song regularly, the words have become a mantra of sorts that will remain with me forever.

“I believe it’s important to realize that just because a loved one has moved on, it doesn’t mean they are not still with you. I imagine that my father is looking down on me and still witnessing my growth and my decisions in my daily life. He would not want me to shut down on account of losing him. ‘Been Here The Whole Time’ reminds me that there is so much life yet to live and that I should continue to live in a manner that would make my father proud.” — Laurel Wright, The Young Fables

Photo Credit: Jeremy Ryan

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LISTEN: The Young Fables,
LISTEN: The Young Fables,