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LISTEN: Tim Hill, “The Clock’s Never Wrong”

Nov 15, 2022

LISTEN: Tim Hill,

Artist: Tim Hill
Hometown: Whittier, California
Song: “The Clock’s Never Wrong”
Album: Giant
Release Date: February 10, 2023
Label: Innovative Leisure / Calico Discos

In Their Words: “This one is a whimsical offering to simpler times. Also a turn of the back to the mainstream. We thought it would be fitting to shoot a ‘day in the life’ kinda thing. The ranch has been instrumental in getting back to a simpler and more rewarding way of navigating my place in the world. I always kind of thought I could work on a ranch. So I just looked around for some jobs and they had an opening. Scenes of horseshoes clanking on an anvil and dumping manure are the kinds of things I like to see and do nowadays. It wasn’t our intention at the beginning, but the shots through LA give a sense of a man not particularly fitting into his surroundings.” — Tim Hill

“Tim and I tend to pick it up right where we last left it. A catchphrase from some old Western, a line from some broken ballad. We know each other by these familiar monologues so when the cameras come out we both know what to do without saying much.” — Matt Correia, Director

Photo Credit: Matt Correia

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LISTEN: Tim Hill,
LISTEN: Tim Hill,