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LISTEN: Tobacco City, “AA Blues”

Jul 30, 2021

LISTEN: Tobacco City,

Artist: Tobacco City
Hometown: Chicago, Illinois
Song: “AA Blues”
Album: Tobacco City, USA
Release Date: July 30, 2021
Label: Scissor Tail Records

In Their Words: “‘AA Blues’ is one of those songs that writes itself. My ex was having to go to AA meetings because of a brush with the law. It was cutting into our plans and I wrote her this ditty to make her feel better. The character in the song is trapped between working in a brewery and staring at beers all day and trying to walk a sober line. I think regardless of your sobriety status we can all relate to those kind of blues.” — Chris Coleslaw, Tobacco City

Photo courtesy of Tobacco City

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LISTEN: Tobacco City,