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LISTEN: Will Stewart, ‘Heaven Knows Why’

Feb 22, 2018

LISTEN: Will Stewart, 'Heaven Knows Why'

Artist: Will Stewart
Hometown: Birmingham, AL
Song: “Heaven Knows Why”
Album: County Seat
Release Date: April 6, 2018
Label: Cornelius Chapel Records

In Their Words: “It starts out referencing getting burnt out chasing the party, but not knowing how to stop because it’s all you know. The second verse hints at finding understanding via giving up the search for meaning and just being content with realizing that you’ll never know the answers to all the ‘big’ questions, at least that’s what I was trying to say, basically. It’s vaguely Eastern/Buddhist. With the last line, I was trying to say that I could find salvation in understanding that I have to co-exist with all the metaphorical demons/dark things that live with everyone, instead of trying to eradicate them. Existential demons will always be here and that’s okay. You just need to learn how to keep them at bay and don’t succumb. Without the dark, there’s no such thing as light.” — Will Stewart

Photo credit: Wes Frazer

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LISTEN: Will Stewart, 'Heaven Knows Why'
LISTEN: Will Stewart, 'Heaven Knows Why'