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LISTEN: Zachary Lucky, ‘Make It On Time’

Oct 26, 2016

LISTEN: Zachary Lucky, 'Make It On Time'

Artist: Zachary Lucky
Hometown: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Song: "Make It On Time"
Album: Everywhere a Man Can Be
Release Date: October 7
Label: Wroxton Recordings / Fontana North Distribution

In Their Words: "We went into making this album without any mindset of how it should be, and I guess we made a country record without really trying to. We just wanted to get some people involved who really knew how to play their instruments and see what we could do together. I’ve never made a record in this way before, and I firmly believe it’s the purest thing I’ve ever done.” — Zachary Lucky

Photo credit: Jacklyn Barber

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LISTEN: Zachary Lucky, 'Make It On Time'
LISTEN: Zachary Lucky, 'Make It On Time'
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