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Methjaw County Gazette: Pokeyman Edition

Jul 19, 2016

Methjaw County Gazette: Pokeyman Edition

Monday marked the return of the Everbody’s Goin' to Hell ‘Cept Us Reformed Independent Pentecostal Holiness Bible Church of the USA’s youth group from their annual mission trip to Cave City, Kentucky. Youth leader Sidney Duckworth said the youngsters saved at least seven Gothic children and turned three Catholics. Good job, kids! 
In between tent meetings and door knockings, the kids got to explore some of the city’s greatest landmarks. At Dinoworld, they learned all about how dinosaurs were kept as pets several hundred years ago and how Moses drowned them all after Samuel pulled that jawbone from that horse’s ass and whooped all them Phillips boys.

Next, it was over to Big Mike’s Rock Shop. This shop is one of the premier rock shops in the entire world. We should inform you that, in addition to the area’s best selection of amethyst, they also sell rock candy. Be sure you know which is which, though. Elmer Jones busted out three teeth, and Tammi Lynn Belcher woke up with piss-ants all over her.

There was one kinda serious incident Sunday afternoon after they got through knockin on doors and hollerin down the streets. The kids were took down to the famous Cave City Alpine Slide. Only a few minutes into the slidin, star blocker for the Methjaw High School Lady Mullets Roller Derby Team, Cherry Cathey, got wedged into a small, five-foot wide tunnel in the course. It took a backhoe and eight tubs of butter-flavored Crisco to pull her out, but she only got some cuts and bruises.

Ms. Duckworth, of the E.G.T.H.C.U.R.I.P.H.B.C.O.T.U.S.A.Y.G., told us that they was all mighty grateful for the opportunity to go to a famous tourist destination, and that they'd like to thank their sponsors at Methjaw Tropical Tanning and Taxidermy. The group's next meeting will be at the Youth Interfaith Demolition Derby at the Methjaw County Fair in August, where their team will be squaring off against the Jehovah's Witnesses in the first round.

In other news, this week the Methjaw County Animal Control office received over 4,000 phone calls reporting sightings of strange animals, boogers, monsters, and haints throughout the county. Officials have issued a statement asking residents to refrain from taking hallucinogens, opioids, hipnotics, or mixing white liquor with any narcotics before playing Pokeyman Go.

That's the news from back home! Keep follerin us on the Bluegrass Situation and also check out our Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube pages for the latest with The Darrell Brothers.

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Methjaw County Gazette: Pokeyman Edition
Methjaw County Gazette: Pokeyman Edition