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MIXTAPE: Bela Fleck

Dec 9, 2013

MIXTAPE: Bela Fleck

Every month we ask one of our favorite people in the bluegrass community to pick the top five tunes they’re currently listening to. Any artist. Any genre. It doesn’t even have to be their top songs of all time… Just whatever has been stuck in their head (or speakers) lately. The Bluegrass Situation is honored to feature banjo virtuoso BELA FLECK as our first Mixtape contributor! Here’s what he’s listening to right now:


ARTIST: John Hartford
TRACK: With a Vamp in the Middle
ALBUM: Aereo-Plain

“John is my hero. I just loved and still love this guy. This album just gets better and better. You know what’s coming and still it blows you away.”


ARTIST: Pat Martino, the track called
TRACK: Sunny
ALBUM: Pat Martino Live!

“When a guy play jazz guitar like this dude, I know that it must be possible for banjo to have a home in that world…

The nonstop long lines and rhythmic propulsion combined create a very inspiring combination. Tension and release are well represented.”


ARTIST: Miles Davis
TRACK: So What
ALBUM: Kind of Blue

“This has so much mood and vibe, it’s hard to believe…”


ARTIST: Oscar Peterson Trio
TRACK: Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars (Corcovado)
ALBUM: We Get Requests

“These guys swing so hard it hurts. I love this track.”


ARTIST: Yo Yo Ma, Edgar Meyer, Chris Thile, Stuart Duncan
TRACK: Here and Heaven
ALBUM: The Goat Rodeo Sessions

“This is chilling and intense, and I don’t even know what the words mean. Chris and Aoife have an amazing blend and the whole band knows exactly how to make this track happen.”

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MIXTAPE: Bela Fleck
MIXTAPE: Bela Fleck