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MIXTAPE: Fruitionā€™s Songs About Time

Nov 25, 2019

MIXTAPE: Fruitionā€™s Songs About Time

“I put together this playlist with a theme of ‘time.’ This theme is wide open, so it has the potential to be vastly vague, or momentarily specific. Iā€™ve chosen some of the former and the latter; seasons changing, or that one chapter of a changing relationship. Iā€™m drawn to songs that lyrically take me not just to a certain space, but a certain time that I understand.” — Mimi Naja, Fruition

Bahamas – “All The Time”

A deep, honest, smooth breath of fresh air. Of presence. I end up using this song to get into a sort of meditation sometimes, when things are moving too fast and I canā€™t keep up. “Iā€™ve got all the time in the world…”

Erykah Badu – “Next Lifetime”

Anyone thatā€™s been in a committed relationship, met someone new, felt that spark and stayed true understands this theme.

Elephant Revival – “Season Song”

Paints a gentle and weighted picture of the clock ticking and the seasons changing.

Fruition – “Turn Your Loveā€

This one paints a few different pictures in the verses, but the chorus comes back to the same idea. We have the power to take the time to direct our energy where we choose. “Turn your love to the ones you ainā€™t had time to take time to think of.”

Bob Marley – ā€œWaiting In Vain”

This is a familiar position — the push and pull of romantic endeavors, being willing to be patient but also wanting to make sure things are moving forward. Waiting in vain. Spot-on.

The Frightnrs – ā€œGonna Make Timeā€

When you recognize that being busy had you overlooking the love youā€™ve already got.

Simon & Garfunkel – ā€œApril Come She Willā€

Evokes some tender reflection. Seasons turning can always do this. This is one of the most well-known songs of this nature, and itā€™s incredibly short, which is impressive.

Sade – “In Another Time

A very subtle consolation to a womanā€™s overlooked feelings that imply hope that her dude might eventually figure it out…

Erykah Badu – “Time’s A Wastin”

An anthem of acknowledging the endless mystery and it being a given to be your best, just because.

Photo credit: Dustin Chambers

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MIXTAPE: Fruitionā€™s Songs About Time
MIXTAPE: Fruitionā€™s Songs About Time