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  • 3x3: The Harmaleighs on Socks, Nuts, and Avetts
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3×3: The Harmaleighs on Socks, Nuts, and Avetts

May 2, 2017

3x3: The Harmaleighs on Socks, Nuts, and Avetts

Artist: The Harmaleighs (Haley Grant and Kaylee Jasperson)
Hometown: Carol Stream, IL + Montrose, CO
Latest Album: Hiraeth (out May 5)
Personal Nicknames: Haley sometimes goes by Halez, and Kaylee goes by Shaye, Kay, or Jasperson.

If you could safely have any animal in the world as a pet, which would you choose?

HG: A pug! We have one already.

Do your socks always match?

HG: They never have matched.

If you could have a superpower, what would you choose?

HG: Oh, I would 100 percent choose the ability to fly! I’ve always wished for that every year on my birthday. (Shh don’t tell, otherwise it won’t come true.)

KJ: I would like to have the ability to fly, but only if I could carry the van, as well. Touring would be so much easier.

What’s your go-to road food?

HG: Nuts, rice cakes, or some sort of granola bar.

KJ: Jerky

Who was the best teacher you ever had — and why?

HG: Best teacher I’ve ever had was my songwriting teacher at Belmont — Tom Douglas. He was incredibly passionate about us writers making a difference in art and not just writing music for a cut. He opened up about his struggles with writing more than anyone I’ve ever met. They didn’t make sense to me much then, but they sure do now.

KJ: The best teacher I’ve ever had is without a doubt my substitute band director, Mr. Smith. We were in a weird transition of band directors at my high school, and he came out of retirement and stepped in for a short period of time to help the band program. He had a very successful career as a musician and pushed me to pursue music. I’ll never forget when he asked me what I would want to do with my life if it wasn’t music, and when I literally had no answer he responded with, “Well then, you need to pursue that. It’s a hard industry to be in and, if you could see yourself doing something else, then you should just do that.” That has always stuck with me through the years.

What’s your favorite city?

HG: NASHVILLE, TN! Every time we go on tour, we end up looking up apartments in different cities and then try to imagine our life there. But by the time the run is over, we realize how much we actually do love Nashville.



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Boots or sneakers?

HG: Oh, God. Don’t make me choose. Okay okay — boots. JEEZ that was hard. It really depends.

KJ: Boots, for sure. They have a better stomping sound for the stage.

Which brothers do you prefer — Avett, Wood, Stanley, Comatose, or Louvin?

HG: All amazing, but Avett has my vote.

KJ: Ooh, that’s a tough one. I love the Wood Brothers, but I will never forget listening to I and Love and You by the Avett Brothers for the first time and feeling so many feelings all on one record. That was definitely on replay for a solid two months at our house.

Head or heart?

HG: Heart heart heart. Why do you think I’m still making music? 😉

KJ: Heart always. It feels the feelings and literally keeps you alive.

Photo credit: Joe Caliva

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3x3: The Harmaleighs on Socks, Nuts, and Avetts
3x3: The Harmaleighs on Socks, Nuts, and Avetts