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MIXTAPE: The Shook Twins’ Songs by Siblings

Nov 6, 2017

MIXTAPE: The Shook Twins' Songs by Siblings

Being in a band with my twin sister, and writing songs that we sing together, is a very special and powerful thing. Blood harmony is a true gift that we always knew deep down that we could not waste! Playing music with family members has a wholesome and comforting quality that I think fans can feel and it brings them this sense of warm nostalgia even without them knowing it! Here is a list of some of our favorite songs from my favorite bands that have siblings in them. — Katelyn Shook 

The Wood Brothers — “The Muse”

This song gets me every time. It’s a song about Oliver Wood’s muses — his wife and child — and something about his brother, Chris, holding down the back bone of this beautiful song on the bass makes me think that he’s supporting his brother in these tender moments of pure love and joy.

The Barr Brothers — “Even the Darkness Has Arms”

This might be one of my favorite songs of all time. It doesn’t surprise me that the way the groove and the rhythm make me feel is attributed to the brothers Brad and Andrew Barr locking in so perfectly in the pocket on guitar and drums.

DeZurik Sisters — “The Arizona Yodeler”

Someone told us about these sisters when they heard my twin and I doing some interesting vocalizing, but the way Mary Jane and Carolyn yodel is a whole new level of singing together! They grew up on a farm in the ’30s, and their yodeling style is said to mimic the birds around them. It’s our life goal — my twin and I — to be able to sing like the DeZurik Sisters.

The Brothers Comatose — “Cedarwood Pines”

These guys are friends of ours, and that’s not the only reason I love their newest single. This is a bit of a new sound for them and it really grabbed me and kept me there. Usually, Ben Morrison is the dreamy lead singer, but on this track, his brother Alex is leading, and his voice has a very captivating quality that surprised the hell out of me. I love the good feeling groove this song brings. I’m so happy they wrote this.

First Aid Kit — “My Silver Lining”

I love this song so much. The production, the vocals, the message … just everything seems to be perfect. These Swedish sisters, Klara and Johanna, really do it for me.

Joseph — “Whirlwind”

This band is even extra sibling-y because there are twins involved! Meegan and Allie (identical sisters) join their big sister Natalie, and they absolutely kill it. These girls are also friends of ours, and we really love the music this beautiful family makes.

Brandi Carlile — “The Eye”

Most people know that Brandi’s band includes identical twins, Tim and Phil Hanseroth. They harmonize with her so perfectly, you’d think she was their triplet. This song displays that beautiful three-part harmony they achieve so well together.

Boards of Canada — “Peacock Tail”

This duo is one of my staples for calming my nerves and chilling the F out. They are creative and soothing, and it, of course, consists of two Scottish brothers, Michael and Marcus.

The Kinks — “Sunny Afternoon”

This is an amazing band that I have loved for years, fronted by two brothers, Ray and Dave Davies. They made such amazing music together for so long, it’s a shame their creative differences grew too large to keep going.

The Staves — “Tired As Fuck”

These three beautiful sisters are courageous and powerful. Love this song and love their sound.

Photo credit: Jessie McCall

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MIXTAPE: The Shook Twins' Songs by Siblings
MIXTAPE: The Shook Twins' Songs by Siblings