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ROOT 66: Cereus Bright’s Roadside Favorites

Jul 27, 2016

ROOT 66: Cereus Bright's Roadside Favorites

Touring artists spend so much of their time on the road that they, inevitably, find all the best places to eat, drink, shop, and relax. Want to know where to find the best burger, beer, boots, or bunks? Ask a musician. Better yet, let us ask them for you.

Artist: Cereus Bright
Hometown: Knoxville, TN
Latest Project: Excuses
Release Date: July 29

Pizza: Art of Pizza in Chicago, IL. We have a few pizza snobs in the group, so any pizza experience that leaves everyone happy is a win. Their slices are pretty much a whole pizza in and of themselves.

Highway “Health” Food: Panera. It’s hard to eat “healthy” on the road. When we have a chance, we try to aim for a Panera. A salad a week keeps the doctor away, right?

Highway Fast Food: Chick-fil-a. When we have to jump off the interstate and eat something fast, Chick-fil-a is one of those places we look up. Plus, no matter where you are, there are few things better than starting your day off with a chicken biscuit.

Coffeehouse: Blue Bottle in Brooklyn, NY. Not only does Blue Bottle make incredible coffee, but they also ship it to us every two weeks so, needless to say, they are a big part of our coffee life.


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Bar: The Libertine in Green Bay, WI. Most nights, our alcohol consumption consists of the cheapest beer possible, but when we go to Green Bay, we get to live like kings. Let’s just say that my last drink consisted of some kind of whiskey magic topped with a partially burned cinnamon stick. Tony, the owner of the Libertine, is the man and he invites us to the bar after all our Green Bay shows. It’s worth whatever distance it takes for you to go there. So good.

Gear Shop: Chicago Music Exchange in Chicago, IL. It’s one of those spots we always try to hit when we’re in the area. One time, Tyler accidentally knocked down the whole front window display, so we owe them a blood debt now.

Listening Room: Sixth & I in Washington, D.C. Last Fall, we got to go out with the Oh Hellos and play the Sixth & I, which is a giant sanctuary of a historic church. Never have we gotten to play for that many people, and it still feel as intimate as a small venue. It was a powerful experience.

House Concert: We are in the middle of a tour right now, playing shows in non-traditional venues like houses, warehouses, and co-working spaces. We use a website called Closeup.fm that lets us facilitate those nights better than anything else we’ve ever used. We love Closeup and their passion for creating those intimate shows. 

Backstage Hang: Iron City in Birmingham, AL. It’s rare that an opening band gets the red carpet treatment, but we did at Iron City. They fed us well, it was so comfortable and clean, they even did our laundry. It was a little taste of the celebrity life, and we’ll never forget it!

Music Festival: Mile of Music in Appleton, WI. We first got invited to play Mile of Music because a few friends vetted us. What started as just another festival has turned into a second home. It’s rare that any place on the road feels as good as Appleton — even more so a festival. The staff, volunteers, and attenders of Mile of Music are some of the best you’ll find.

Least Favorite Highway Stretch: I40 from Memphis to Knoxville. It’s usually the first or last stretch of highway we see before or after home. It’s just so, so, so boring. One of those six-hour straight-aways that feels like it never ends. 

Radio Station: Spotify. I wish we could say we listen regularly to tons of radio stations, but we don’t anymore. Plus, our antenna has seen better days. We are big fans of Spotify. You can find a playlist for just about anything these days. We’ve all discovered really good music through it!


A photo posted by Cereus Bright (@cereusbright) on

Day Off Activity: Swimming. Although not everyone feels this way (looking at you Evan), most of us love a good swim. If we are, by chance, staying at a hotel with a pool or have a day off with a body of water semi-close, you better believe we’ll try to swim in it.

Tour Hobby: YouTube. The Internet is a terrible and wonderful place. Whether it’s awful covers, Tim & Eric videos, or Wife Swap clips, YouTube is usually at least a little part of every drive.

Driving Album: Voodoo by D’Angelo. It’s one of those albums that will always have more for you each time you listen. The dude’s so damn talented.

Most Memorable Show: Bluegrass Underground in McMinnville, Tennessee. We got the opportunity to open for honeyhoney years ago, as one of our first shows. If you don’t know about Bluegrass Underground, it’s a venue 350 feet underground in a giant cave. It’s one of the most unique, wild places we ever got to play. Definitely worth a trip to catch a show there!

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ROOT 66: Cereus Bright's Roadside Favorites
ROOT 66: Cereus Bright's Roadside Favorites