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Root 66: Cris Jacobs’ Roadside Favorites

Nov 9, 2016

Root 66: Cris Jacobs' Roadside Favorites

Name: Cris Jacobs
Latest Project: Dust to Gold
Hometown: Baltimore, MD

Backstage hang: The 8×10, Baltimore, MD. A great club run by great people in my hometown.  I’ve played this club more times than I can count and had some epic back stage hangs. We’ll leave it at that, as to not implicate or incriminate anyone.

Late-night radio: Coast to Coast, 680 AM. A talk radio show where everything from aliens, time travel, vortexes, government conspiracies, UFOs, and the like are discussed.  The deadpan demeanor of the host and the way the guests on the show seem to really believe what they are saying makes me feel like I’d be a fool to doubt any of it.  On those weird, dark, desolate stretches of highway when I’m pulling a solo late-night drive, listening to this show can pass hours at a time without even realizing how tired I am because I’m so transfixed on the discussions.

Tour hobby: Reading. I get super excited to pick out a new book or two to have for the tour. I recently picked some good ones, too. I just finished All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr and Confessions of a Wine-Stained Notebook by Charles Bukowski.


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Record store: Cactus Music, Houston, TX. I did an in-store performance there a few years ago and was relieved to know that there are still stores like that (besides Barnes and Noble) where you can get lost searching through records and books. Took me back to the '90s where one of my favorite activities was going down the rabbit hole of sampling CDs at the music store and discovering new stuff.

Day-off activity: Exercise. A good hike in the mountains or woods, or a good long run. Or, if not, poker. If there’s a casino close by, I can’t say that I won’t not not consider playing a few hands.  So one of those two things. I’m a Gemini.

Driving album: Bill Frisell records provide some of the best soundtracks to highway drivies. Especially if it’s a nice day and a particularly scenic route. Good Dog, Happy Man for day drives, and Blues Dream after the sun goes down.

Breakfast: Mama’s, Mill Valley, CA. For my money, the best benedict I’ve ever had. The homemade hollandaise is orgasmic. It’s the kind of place you plan around, even if it means going out of your way or waking up earlier to make sure you get a good sit down.


A photo posted by Cris Jacobs (@cris_jacobs) on

Highway stretch: Doesn’t get much better than Route 1 from L.A. up the coast to Washington. It’s not the usual route for bands, because it’s not meant for trailers, and it’s not a quick route. But I’ve done a few solo tours in a little rented compact car out there and driven it any chance I’ve had. It’s like you instantly feel like Jack Kerouac or something.  

Listening room: The Birchmere, Alexandria, VA. A historic place with a Hall of Fame pedigree. I remember going there as a teenager to see heroes of mine like Doc Watson and Tony Rice. Pristine sound, a cool roadhouse/dinner theatre vibe, and super kind, friendly staff.

Coffeehouse: Stumptown Roasters, Portland, OR. I recorded an album at Jackpot Studios right down the street once, and we thanked Stumptown in the liner notes. You walk in and smell them roasting the beans, and then you get a damn fine cup of coffee. I’m a coffee snob (and addict) and it’s one of my favorites.

Pizza: Anything open after the show.

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Root 66: Cris Jacobs' Roadside Favorites
Root 66: Cris Jacobs' Roadside Favorites